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C3 - The Considerate Card Co. By Lisa Dionne

Hand Drawn Original Cards

Hi, I am an artist/ illustrator residing in Cornwall. My aim is to provide unique & personalised cards that have a refreshing approach to using language by incorporating words & images that refer to the occasion or person that the card is intended for within the main design.

I have produced a set of of original designs covering a full range of celebratory occasions and significant milestones. These are now available to order from the Yummy In Your Tummy Cakes site.  Please have a browse, and I'm sure you will find a design to complement your cake order.

Bespoke Artwork and Personalised Cards

In addition, I can also offer a highly personalised one-off service. If you are fed up with buying generic gifts and cards for your loved ones or are struggling to think of something unique for a very special occasion then maybe my bespoke design service can help.

I can produce unique artwork/ cards that are tailor-made to suit the personality and interests of the person you want to send it to. This shows your loved one how special they are and you can also frame them so they can be displayed.  

In order to personalise the card/ artwork I first need to find out as much detail as possible about the recipients interests.  The more information you can give me, the more detail I can put into the design, which is what makes this  such a thoughtful and genuine present.

 The basic questionnaire below gives you an idea of the kind of things you will need to think about before ordering one of my designs;

1. What are their main interests/ hobbies?

2. What are their most favourite colours?

3. Is there a special message you would like included within the design ?

4. What main image would most represent their personality ?

5. Size 

6. Price range

If you are interested in one of the bespoke designs,  please fill out the questionnaire on my website;

alernatively you can e-mail me at;

All C3 designs are subject to copyright. 

Examples of Bespoke Artwork /Cards
Examples of Bespoke Artwork /Cards
Family Birthday Cards
Family Birthday Cards
Special occasion cards
Special occasion cards
Xmas Cards 2011
Xmas Cards 2011

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